Magic Twist Jar Opener

Magic Twist jar opener simply mounts under any kitchen cabinet. The Magic Twist Jar & Bottle Opener/Closer is a safe and easy to use kitchen device. With no metal teeth, the Magic Twist WILL NOT puncture lids! This V-shaped kitchen gadget is easy to install and is beneficial to anyone with arthritis, pain or disability. Magic Twist is the only jar & bottle opening/closing device you will ever need! [link]


magic twist jar opener

Magic Twist is not only safe, it has an extra feature that other products just can’t offer. It can open almost anything, and close it too! Magic Twist’s rubber strip can slide to the right for the “open position” and to the left for the “close position”. No more struggling to grip and turn large lids! No more fumbling with small bottles! No more worrying if your pickle jar is properly sealed! Magic Twist does it all!