Creative Candle Holder

Lucifer Candle Holder

candle holder

Maybe it’s because Lucifer’s hands are so smooth and Lucifer’s fingers are so little… but we’re having a hard time finding him very sinister. Watch as it catches the candle’s drips and prevents overflow. [link]

Little Joseph

candle holder

Little Joseph is a hand-painted, porcelain candle holder. We can’t decide if he’s sinister or sweet. Part of that will certainly depend on what you decide to do with his hair. Use dripless candles if you’d like to keep him bald, otherwise, give him pure white locks, beeswax locks, or hair in several shades of the rainbow. [link]

Melt Candlelights

candle holder

Melt Candlelights are interconnecting pressed glass tea light holders that take the form of melting wax. Melt works especially well coupled together in groups. Sold in packs of 2 and available in black, clear, and frosted glass. [link]