Clip Handbag

The Clip Bag playfully borrows its form from a common binder clip. The binder icon functions so well as a bag you can almost take it seriously. Constructed of wool felt and aluminum tubing. More

Clip Handbag

Super Bitus Piggy bank

Superbitus is designed to look like a solid black bomb aimed at a certain object—you can write whatever you want to spend your savings on with the white marker that comes with the money box. Buy it now

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40 Degrees of Bevel Cup

If you store them upright, then there is a chance of dirt/dust falling in. If you place them upside down, then the rim gets dirty once again. So to solve the problem we have here the Bevel Cup, inspired by the angular stance of a ballerina. The angular handle of the Bevel Cup allows it to remain as clean as possible when it is stored after being washed. Designers: Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi

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