Throwzini’s Knife Block

Whether you have a zeal for throwing steal or you’re a cutlery connoisseur, Throwzini’s Knife Block is for you! In 1938, the Wheel of Death introduced a spinning target! Decades later, knife throwing still lives on in the modern day circus and it can live on in your kitchen with the Throwzini’s Knife Block. Made of hand crafted wood, it comes complete with 5 stainless steel razor sharp professional chef knives. Each knife is held securely by magnets in individual protective sheathes. Just give it a spin. It’s stylish, versatile and functional. The Throwzini’s Knife Block is a cut above the rest.

throwzini's knife block

ruler pen

a ruler and pen in one by ShiKai Tseng, “If you’ve ever found yourself in the situation of being without a ruler yet needing to draw a straight line, you’ve probably tried to improvise with other stationery, such as pens… The cap is the length of the whole pen, and is printed with ruler markings at one edge.”