Umbrella Mount For Your Bike

Drybike mount will hold your umbrella and protect you from rain. The Drybike is the unique way to safely and comfortably use your umbrella while you’re cycling. [link]

umbrella mount for your bike

umbrella mount for your bike


the brief was to create a chair from second hand materials-in the case,an old microscope box and discarded chair parts.

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The expansion of furniture (Extensions) enjoy

Furniture assembled and deformation of young people have gradually become the mainstream choice of furniture, because they are more flexible, space saving, but also show the wisdom and creativity.Assembly as tables and chairs, stool assembled fashion, vertical assembly sofas, tables and chairs, and so on are all great creative furniture. Refers to a number of modules have been designed for furniture assembly, and then carried out in accordance with the actual use of the expansion of demand, such as: the assembly and then a good bench, “leg” of higher, they can turn into a small table, and then to the table in front of the installation of a baffle, it can be turned into a desk, and so on it, to expand the concept of a word is very strong, may be a universal extension of furniture, it must be possible.


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